I have to buy snow chains for professional use, what should I do?
If you need professional snow chains, we can offer you various solutions. It is important to choose the right product to avoid using snow chains that could break or wear out very quickly. To get a personalized offer, send us an email at staff@onestopmarket.it or fill out our contact form: we will contact you immediately with a customized offer and discount!

How do I choose the Spikes Spider snow chains? What does "adapter kit" mean?
in order to use the Spikes Spider snow chains, you need both the chains and the "adapter kit". The kit is mounted at the beginning of the winter on the bolts of your wheel. Depending on the car manufacturers, the bolts have different diameters (17, 19, 21, 22, 24 mm). If you are unsure send us an email at staff@onestopmarket.it or fill out our contact form.

How are Konig K-Summit regulated?
To cover most tire sizes, the length of K-Summit snow chains can be adjusted by removing the screws with the yellow ring located on the tread (please consult the manual inside the K-Summit bag).

How do I know if I have limitations on the types of snow chains that I can us on my vehicle?
We strongly encourage you to use our snow chains configurator. In fact some vehicles are not allowed to use 9mm snow chains or 16mm snow chains as they can damage the mechanical or electronic parts inside the wheel. In this case you have 2 options: (1) use snow chains with 7mm internal thickness (K-Slim or CB-7) instead of 9mm or 12mm internal thickness instead of 16mm (XG-12 Pro); (2) use external snow chains, such as K-Summit or Spikes Spider that have no parts inside the wheel. Always check the manual of instructions of your vehicle as most manufacturers provide indications on how to use snow chains.

How do I store the snow chains?
To maintain your snow chains in good working conditions, you have to to rinse them with warm water after each use, to get rid of all chemicals used on the roads during winter. Remember also to let the snow chains dry completely before storing them to avoid rusting.

Where do I use the snow chains chains (front wheels or back wheels)?
Snow chains are always mounted on the drive wheels. In case of a four-wheel drive vehicle, usually they go on the front wheels unless otherwise specified. A pair of snow chains is usually sufficient.

Are your snow chains homologated?
Our snow chains are EN 16662-1, ONORM V5117 or 5119 approved. The Michelin Easy Grip snow socks are EN 16662-1 and ONORM 5121 approval. All products for sale on OneStopMarket (Konig, Spikes Spider, Week End 9mm and Week End 4WD, Michelin Easy-Grip) are approved and meet the legal requirements. The Week End Elastic snow socks are not approved (even if they remain an excellent snow chain alternative).

I lost the label on the case of my snow chains, what can I do?
If you don’t know the size of your Konig snow chains or on what tires they can be used. In the case of Konig snow chains, the size is printed on the hook (usually red, yellow or green) of the chain. Then you can download this pdf and check what on what tires you can use your snow chains.